I'm so happy you found the rabbit trail...

The Rabbit Trail was born out of my Etsy shop, Fibers of Being, as a way to bring my needle felting into better cohesion with the other areas of my life. Though I don't find a lot of time for felting anymore, I'm a maker, and I always have creative projects ready when I find a few minutes.

What's with the name... and the rabbits? The first animal I made when I began needle felting was a rabbit. (And oh, what a humble rabbit he was....) For some reason, I've always identified with rabbits. A few years back I was in a new group of people and we were asked to choose an animal to help introduce ourselves and remember one another. Immediately I chose the rabbit (as I always had as a child... Rosanna Rabbit), not realizing that I was going to be asked to explain how that animal was like myself. When I discovered this, I was chagrined, as I had wanted to present my best qualities to the group... not the traits I felt were weaknesses. But the rabbit it was, so when it was my turn to share, I laid myself pretty bare, saying something like: "Well, I wish I hadn't picked the rabbit because the rabbit is like me in all the ways that I want to change. I came into the room tonight feeling very much like a rabbit; jumpy, anxious, wide-eyed, alert, wanting to find a place to shrink into.  Rabbits don't like to go far from home, and I'm a home-body. There are other things about rabbits that aren't quite so bad... they're always busy. I am, too. But that can be a bad thing if you're busy just to distract yourself." Here I think I trailed off, and the person next to me explained how she was like a dolphin, and the next how she was like a hawk. They were friendly, smart, powerful. I was shy, nervous... coyote lunch. Why did I choose the rabbit?

I've spent a good portion of the last several years making rabbits, watching rabbits, learning about rabbits, and thinking about rabbits.  It's the item that really took off in my Etsy shop, and I made it part of my logo, or brand, for lack of better words.  I've come up with a lot of reasons to admire rabbits, but I think they can all be contained in one idea, which is this: Rabbits don't hurt anyone. Maybe this sounds passive to you. Okay, they don't hurt anyone, but what do they do? Well, what they do is they live their lives. In the rabbitiest way they can. They are true herbivores, meaning that unlike many other small mammals, they only eat plants. Never other animals.  And they have a small footprint. A rabbit is born, lives, and dies, leaving little or nothing to show it has been here except perhaps a few small trails. 

The Rabbit Trail then, is a reference to the way I would like to live: simply, gently, in the moment, with as little harm to other beings as possible. Along the way, I'll love and laugh and create, and these will be the things I leave behind, the faint little trails of my having been here. In time, they may disappear. Or maybe some other being will find them and benefit just a little by the path I've worn. The Rabbit Trail is my own personal journey, a challenge to myself, and hopefully a way to give my best, to be my best, live my richest life.

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