Hi! I’m Rosanna. I’m a writer and maker. I love animals and eating vegan food, and my favorite thing in the world is snuggling up with my daughter and reading a book.

The Rabbit Trail was born out of my Etsy shop, Fibers of Being, as a way to bring my needle felting into better cohesion with the other areas of my life. Though I don't needle felt anymore, I'm an unstoppable maker, and I always have creative projects ready when I find a few minutes. When I was making art full time, this blog was a way to keep up a bit of writing. But over the past year, I’ve moved away from selling art and gone back to writing. As I’ve worked on a manuscript which might one day be suitable for publication (hope, hope, hope), the blog just doesn’t often fit into my schedule anymore.

What's with the name... and the rabbits? I don’t know, I’ve always identified with rabbits. I’ve made a lot of rabbits. But I’ve got to say, I’ve discovered a deep love for pigs and goats lately, too. The Rabbit Trail is mostly a reference to the way I try to live: simply, gently, in the moment, with as little harm to other beings as possible. The writing and art I create are the faint little trails of my having been here. In time, they may disappear. Or maybe some other being will find them and smile to see the path I've worn. The Rabbit Trail is my own personal journey, a challenge to myself, and hopefully a way to give my best and be my best.

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