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Rosanna Dell

31127 South 80th Road

Beatrice, NE 68310

The best way to follow me and my work is to follow me on Instagram. I don't use Facebook anymore. 

Is custom work available?

Yes, but on a limited basis, and of course I reserve the privilege to refuse any projects I am not able or don't wish to take on. Please email me with your ideas and requests.

Are you still Needle Felting?

No, I’m not. I gave up felting last year. I decided I didn’t feel comfortable with the wool industry as a whole, just as I am not comfortable with other animal agriculture. While I believe it is possible to keep and care for fiber animals in a humane way, I felt that my needle felting was in effect, a show of support for an industry that exploits and mistreats millions of animals. I didn’t want to encourage more wool consumption by promoting my needle felting or needle felting in general. But I do want to be clear that I know there are many small-scale shepherds who take good care of their flocks, and I have lots of respect for that.